When a hyper-competitive MMA fighter is disabled in a fight, he takes up professional Street Fighter V, comes to love the sport, and must defeat a ruthless pro-gamer at the largest fighting game tournament in the world in order to reclaim his dignity and help his new friends.

A comedy starring legendary fighting games player

Justin Wong

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The Story

DENIS BERGERON is a warrior. He lives for MMA. He breathes MMA. He eats, sleeps, dreams, cuddles, caresses, expensively dines, moonlit walks, shares his innermost fears and spiritually connects to MMA. It is the bright, happy center of his life. And then one day, he pushes himself too hard, injures his spine in a fight, and his one true love is wrenched away. 

But Bergeron finds a new love--and new friends--in the competitive fighting game community. But he also finds new enemies like CHRIS BALLARD, a Street Fighter V champion and personification of GamerGate, who publicly humiliates Bergeron and ices him out of the community. 

Numerous setbacks, plot twists and rad training montages later, Bergeron and Chris have their showdown. To win, Bergeron must learn that if you live your life pushing yourself, you’ll inevitably break, and when that happens you need people around you who will help you pick up the pieces.

Elias Theodorou

Elias Theodorou is a Canadian mixed martial arts fighter and actor. He is currently the #1 top ranked middleweight fighter in Canada and #15 in the world.

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The Cast

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Justin Wong is a legendary fighting games player and has won more EVO titles than any other player in history.

Justin Wong


Kayane is a French media personality, journalist and the highest ranked female fighting games player in the world. 

Olivier “Louffy” Hay

Olivier “Louffy” Hay is a French player and dominates the European Streetfighter scene. He  is also the first European player to win a Streetfighter tournament at EVO.


Zhi Liang Chew

Zhi Liang Chew is a commentator known as "L' enfant terrible" of the FGC

Corey Charron

Corey is an up and coming Battle rapper and currenltly featured in the cast of the MTV show “Wild N out” starring Nick Cannon.

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